Market-leading gadget and consumer tech insurer Supercover joins Markerstudy

London, 28th July 2014

Supercover, acknowledged as the leading gadget and consumer technology insurer, has joined the growing Retail arm of the Markerstudy portfolio of businesses.

North west London-based Supercover, which is FCA regulated, was established in 1995 to provide extended warranty and insurance to the customers of mobile phone retailers. Over the past 20 years, Supercover’s business model has expanded to encompass a wider range of specialist insurance products, covering most portable electronic devices and gadgets. It now services more than 1.5m policyholders via 200 channel partners, and has a growing direct sales business,

It will be business as usual for customers and partners of Supercover, and the business will benefit from being part of a £450m+ GDP group of companies.

Supercover Insurance

For almost 20 years, Supercover Insurance Ltd. has administered gadget & lifestyle insurance programs for resellers and Channel Partners as a Third Party Administrator (TPA).

Supercover Insurance nurtures long-term relationships with each customer it serves and thus, offers value-added insurance benefits and service for its partners.

Insurance Administration Solutions

Mobile Phone Insurance

Wide range of Mobile Phone Insurance solutions to fit any business size.

Gadget Insurance

Covers most portable gadgets including laptops, Sat Navs, PDAs and tablets.


With the increasing cost of buying a new pair of glasses, having specs covered is a smart move.

ToolGuard Insurance

When working tools carried in a vehicle are needed for you to carry out a trade, the cost of having them stolen can be ruinous.

Bicycle Protect

This product is the perfect solution for thousands of people that depend on their bikes to commute to work.


The most complete cover for bag, contents, plus a 24h concierge service to help deal with the problems associated with a lost or stolen bag.


With increasingly advanced key systems and the cost of replacing them often running into hundreds of pounds, having keys lost or stolen is challenging enough without even taking the price into account.